About us

Gruža agrar was founded in 2010 as an organization engaged in the production of metal elements and structures intended for the installation of anti-hail protection systems. We started as a family company whose business was based on craft production, with the goal of reaching products that stand out in terms of quality on the market. Striving for continuous improvement, we have developed our production and increased the number of employees with a tendency for further growth and development.

Our offer consists of complete equipment for anti-hail protection systems, complete with transport services, system settings and customer training on the use and maintenance of the system. A special activity of Gruža agrar is the service of consulting and support to fruit growers and everyone else wishing to become it. We have gathered a team of professionals who provide all the relevant information needed from the moment of planning the plantations to its maintenance.

Over the years, we have developed a network of reputable suppliers that are among the leading European manufacturers of equipment for anti-hail systems. After installation, we are available to our customers for all types of service, even after the expiration of the warranty period. Our intention is to develop a long-term cooperation with all stakeholders in order to ensure long-term growth and a significant role in the regional market as partners.