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RTS – 02.02.2020.


The Ninth Conference of Fruit Growers “Gruža 2020” gathered more than 600 fruit growers in Knić


AGROKLUB – 02.02.2020.
“Gruža 2020” – advising fruit growers with an enviable rating


 AGROKLUB – 26.05.2019.

Fruit Growers’ Assembly was held – faculty in orchards


AGROPRESS – 28.01.2019.

Fruit growing in big changes, current events from Gruža


RTS – 28.01.2019.
Organized by “Gruža agrar”, a fruit growers’ conference was held in Knić, which gathered six hundred of the best fruit growers from the country and the world.


Newspaper Politika – 14.10.2014.

Miroslav Nikolić from Balosava near Kragujevac repaid his police uniform and planted an orchard that the whole of Šumadija can be proud of.


Tanjug Tačno – 13.09.2014.

Thanks to the most modern technology he used in the protection of his orchards, the damage to Miroslav Nikolić’s apples and nectarines, from Balosava near Gruža, where there have been five rushes of a strong hail this summer, is zero, and the yield of golden apple is about 73 tons per hectare.


Agro Infotel – 19.11.2013.

The harvest of apples, peaches and nectarines has been completed in the orchard of Miroslav Nikolić from Gruža. Now the works and preparation of the orchard for next year are forthcoming. This successful fruit grower has approached this business very seriously since the foundation. He has fully applied all agricultural techniques and therefore achieves top yields. Miroslav traveled a lot, visited successful fruit growers from the region and applied these new technologies in his orchard. That’s how he teaches his sons.


RTS – 15.11.2013.

Miroslav Nikolić has one of the most modern orchards in Serbia in Balosava near Gruža. He covered his five hectares under apples and nectarines with anti-hail nets and provided them with irrigation systems. He points out that intensive fruit production is not cheap at all and that it is better to have one hectare under the nets than 15 hectares without them.


Knowledge as a gift – 11.09.2013.

This golden delicacy is not damaged because it is under an anti-hail net. The net was done in the spring and was completed at the end of May, with the Provincial Secretariat financing 60%. The project and execution was done by Miroslav Nikolić, and he really made the first class.