Our mission


The main current mission of GRUŽA AGRAR is the production and development of fruit growing equipment – anti-hail protection equipment, as well as work and transport equipment for high quality fruit growing.

In addition to this basic mission, GRUŽA AGRAR participates in the provision of services of machine planting of orchards, services of machine pressing of pillars and anchors and services of installation of anti-hail protection systems.

GRUŽA AGRAR also provides field training services to users of hail protection equipment regarding the procedures for using and maintaining hail protection systems.


The intention of the company is to become a leading regional company for the production, delivery and installation of high quality anti-hail, work and transport equipment with the placement of its products in the country and abroad.

The company’s vision is to become an important exporter of equipment to neighboring countries and other countries through organizational improvements and certification of quality systems as well as the arrival of the CE mark for its products.

The vision of the company is to gradually become a leading center for education in the field of fruit growing and a company that unites for the joint placement of fruit producers from the region of Gruža.

By building a direct relationship with full respect for customers, employees, suppliers and the wider community, GRUŽA AGRAR’s vision is to establish a system that will be characterized by continuous improvement, sustainable development and a stable market position.