Fruit growing

Apple - a superior fruit

In human nutrition, fruit is a very important part. Water, fiber, vitamins and everything else for which the human body needs fruit, are needed by man throughout the entire annual cycle. The fruit’s ability to last as long as possible as a yield was a value that man has always appreciated. That is why the apple became what it is often called like – the queen.


The tall shrub American blueberry originates from the USA. In the wild, it spreads in the eastern part of the United States (from Florida in the south to Michigan in the north). It reaches a height of 3.4.5 m, and thrives best in humid habitats and higher altitudes. Due to the specificity of the root system, it is very sensitive to drought. Blueberry is a specific plant in many ways. It belongs to the group of berries and is very important and useful from the aspect of nutrition and healing properties of the fruit. It is used very little in relation to the possibilities it provides. Blueberry is a long-lived plant and its exploitation lasts from 20 to 50 years. and more.

The American high-shrub blueberry is a berry fruit, whose production is considered very profitable thanks primarily to its biological-production characteristics. Its fruit contains a lot of medicinal substances and is the greatest natural antioxidant. Therefore, it is one of the healthiest fruits for fresh consumption. It is also considered a medicinal plant, it has been proven that the consumption of blueberries slows down the aging process, strengthens the immune system, prevents heart attacks and strokes, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and especially improves eyesight and many others. The advantage of growing this plant is that the ripening begins early (in June) when there is a shortage of fruit on the European market. It gives birth early, already in the second year of planting. Full fertility is after the fifth year, when a yield of 5 and more kilograms per plant can be expected.