Fruit platform “Gružanka”

Fruit platform “Gružanka” – code 82
The “Gružanka” platform is made of the highest quality certified materials (steel construction, the complete platform is protected by hot-dip galvanizing, which is the highest quality type of corrosion protection) that provide persistence and durability. The platform is designed for safe and easy use in orchards for net assembly, autumn folding and spring unfolding of the net, fruit harvesting, manual fruit thinning and tree pruning. The platform consists of three movable elements, which provide the possibility of adjusting the working height and width. Load capacity is provided for a maximum of two workers and one fruit box. The support of the construction is connected in three points to the rear part of the tractor (levers and toppling). Due to its light construction, it can also be carried by small tractors (IMT 533, IMT 539, (). Very easy to use and maintain. Advantages of use:

  • reduced harvesting costs,
  • reduced worker stress,
  • Instant ranking option,
  • Fruits can be placed in the crate immediately without changing hands,
  • Increased performance with safe and comfortable operation.
Length 1.65 m
Maximum working width 3.20 m
Minimum working width 1.20 m
Maximum working height 3.40 m
Minimum working height 2.40 m
Weight 231.50 kg
Maximum load 700.00 kg