All of our metal elements

Clamps Inox M6, M8

Clamps Inox M8/2, M8/3

Cable ⌀4, ⌀5, ⌀6, ⌀7/4, ⌀8, ⌀4 PVC

Tensioner small Gedza OK 15

Tensioner Gedza 1

Tensioner Gedza 2 and 3

Wire tensioner G1

Wire tensioner G2

Cable-noose ⌀4, ⌀5, ⌀6, ⌀8

Wire Zn AI 2.00⌀, 2.20⌀, 2.40⌀, 3.10⌀, 4.00⌀

Wire for fixing the wire

Wire for fixing the cap

Wire for fixing the seedling

Wire for fixing the net

S hook

Hook for the net


Rates against deterioration of the concrete pillars

Set of calibrators

Concrete pillars clip - Inox 7x8, 9x9.5, 10x12, 14x14

Clip - Inox 7x8, 9x9.5, 10x12 for wire tensioning

Clip 14x14 for wire tensioning

Universal wire tensioner BASARA

Clip ⌀140 for wire tensioning

Frontal span

Internal span

U nails serrated