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Feel the atmosphere of our team or take a peek at our events that we are particularly proud of.

Agricultural fair in Mostar

Performance of Gruza family firms at the 24th International Trade Fair in Mostar.

Interpoma International Fair in Bolzano, Italy

The Gruza team brings you impressions from one of the most famous international fairs, Interpom, dedicated exclusively to the world of apples, in Bolzano, Italy. Together with the professors of the Faculty of Agriculture, we visited the fair, had a great time and learned a lot.

International Fruit Growing Symposium with Emphasis on Pear, Cape Town, South Africa

World Fruit Fair Fruit Logistica

Successful performance of the Gruza agrar team within the national stand of Serbia, at one of the largest fruit fairs in the world – Fruit Logistica 2023 in Berlin. Special thanks to the Development Agency of Serbia and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia for the excellent organization of the national stand and support in representing Serbia at the fair.

Consulting on the finalization of fruit production in Knjazevac

The Gruza team had the opportunity to attend a phenomenal consultation on the finalization of fruit production in Knjaževac! With the support of the municipality of Knjazevac, the Agro jug office organized this consultation where the participants had the opportunity to hear lecturers from higher education institutions, as well as the rich experience of Gruza agrar in anti-hail nets and modern fruit production of apples, nectarines and blueberries, as well as representatives of the Dutch embassy.