Small farms. Great successes.

Gruža agrar is a family company, opened in 2010, with many years of experience in modern fruit production, designing and setting up constructions of anti-hail nets for fruit and grape plantations, vegetable plantations and car parks.

Our products and services

We produce all metal, wire and plastic elements for the construction of anti-hail nets, several models of fruit growing platforms, fruit carts and other equipment for fruit growing, viticulture and vegetable growing. Gruža agrar provides the services of fruit machine planting, machine pressing of concrete columns (for the construction of anti-hail nets and fences) as well as machine screwing of anchors.

The products and services of Gruž agrar are:


Installation of anti-hail network constructions

Plastic elements

Metal elements


Machine planting

Stamping of poles

Anchor twisting

Project development

This is our story

With your orchards for more than a decade

“Miroslav Nikolić from Balosave near Gruža paid off his police uniform and planted an orchard that the whole of Šumadija can be proud of.” This is how one of the articles about us in Politika begins.

Since 2010, many have written about us. And for a reason. We can proudly say that we successfully help hundreds of farms with the most modern technique and technology that we apply in the protection of orchards.

Gruza agrar through numbers

890 t
storage and sorting capacity
1 ha
of intensive fruit plantations

Buy our organic products

Jabuka Granny2

Apple Granny Smith


Zlatni delises

Apple zlatni delišes



Organic blueberry Duke


We are proud to present

Unique in Serbia

The capacity of the cold store, which is a center for fruits, vegetables, herbs and aromatic herbs, is 1000 tons. It is the first facility of its type built in Serbia with the Global Gab, HACCAP and IFS quality control and production safety standards applied.

We needed to invest in a center for fruits, vegetables, spices, aromatic and medicinal plants in order to maintain the existing and expand production according to the latest quality standards of food safety, sorting, packaging and increasing the placement of fresh products on the domestic and foreign markets.

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for sorting, packing and storing fruits and vegetables, which creates the possibility for expanding cooperative production of fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants.

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Our Gruža agrar team

Miroslav Nikolić

Owner +381 63 1060 907

Nemanja Nikolić

+381 63 1191 993

Dejan Pavlović

Sector of production and procurement
+381 69 5515305

Milica Petrović

Sector of commercial affairs
+381 60 5156 769

Jovana Aćimović

Sector of commercial affairs
+381 60 5156 767

Dragana Pavlović

Sector of commercial affairs
+381 69 5156 760