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Gruza agrar offers a wide range of various services that are necessary for every fruit grower.


Design and installation of anti-hail network system

The anti-hail net is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical instructions. Gruza agrar gives its customers a two-year guarantee on the network installed by our technicians. The anti-hail nets we offer are of the highest quality, and we offer customers a choice of different types that suit all fruit crops and desired maintenance conditions.

The cables, on which the anti-hail net is installed, were purchased from certified manufacturers who are leaders in the production of anti-hail protection equipment. Our technicians carry out the setup so that the entire system remains stable without changes and protects the plantation from external influences.


Machine stamping of pillars

It is carried out by machines specialized for this type of work. This mode of operation enables precise installation of the system in accordance with the project and stability of the system in case of extreme weather conditions. Gruza agrar gives its customers a guarantee on the system installed by machine, which enables the security of the investment and the possibility of long-term planning.


Machine screwing of the anchor

It makes the system resistant to the strongest winds and other weather conditions. Gruza agrar performs this service with a specialized machine. Anchors are a particularly important element of the hail protection system, because they hold the entire structure in an optimal position via tensioning cables.


Machine planting

In its range of services, Gruza agrar singles out machine planting in particular. The advantages of machine planting are particularly evident on larger plots, which ensures the placement of planting material without damage and reduces the involvement of human error. This technology achieves the desired separation and distance between seedlings, on the entire plot, in accordance with the requirements of the species. Planting time using a machine is drastically reduced compared to all other methods.


Fence installation

Installation of the fence according to your requirements and dimensions. High quality and within the agreed time.

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